Dependable Milling is a sister company to Dependable Pre-finish and Dependable Paint and Drywall. We are proud to be able offer the services of sourcing and milling lumber products, in addition to the pre-finishing we have been known for since the early 90s .  With a reliable source of quality and dry lumber, Dependable Milling has the ability to make just about any wood product within the dimensions of 5’’ tall and 12’’ wide. All though our capability’s are mostly limited to our customers imagination, we specialize in creating interior trim products and custom siding packages.


Milling shop

Our ability to source the lumber, mill and create product then apply finish to the product, under one roof, has immediate benefits such as:

  • Less trucking
  • Less handling and damage associated with handling
  • Reduced exposure to moisture
  • Faster turn around times
  • More flexibility with product types, shapes, and colors
  • Lower overall job costs (depending on the sequence and installation)